Parking meter allows 0.10 zł – 5 zł coins.

Parking meter's payment charging steps follow each lodged coin in amounts appropriate for specific time segments.

In the E subzone (Moniuszki and 1 Maja streets) the payment is charged by collectors.

2) by mobile phone

II. Methods of charging for vehicle parking.

1) buying a parking ticket from the parking meter


Payment for Paid Parking Zone


Minimal payment for parking (10 minutes or less)


0,50 zł

First hour

3,00 zł

Second hour


3,60 zł

Third hour

4,20 zł

Fourth hour and following

3,00 zł

More information at

III. Subscription purchase

The subscription allows to park a vehicle (with a registration number stated in the subscription card) in SPP (Paid Parking Zone) (24/7).


Subscription fees:

a) for 14 days:

- 150 zł

b) for a month:

- 175 zł (people employed or conducting business activities within SPP)

- 235 zł (legal and natural persons from outside the zone)

c) for two months:

- 330 zł (people employed or conducting business activities within SPP)

- 440 zł (legal and natural persons from outside the zone)

d) for three months:

- 465 zł (people employed or conducting business activities within SPP)

- 615 zł (legal and natural persons from outside the zone)


Subscription (for 1, 2 and 3 months) are being issued since 25th of every month.

Payment for the suscription can be done:

- at cash desk at the Road and Greenery Management Bureau (Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni) in Sopot, Mon-Fri, 8-10 AM,

- by bank transfer:

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni w Sopocie

Al. Niepodległości 930, 81 – 861 Sopot

Bank Millennium S.A.

77 1160 2202 0000 0001 8486 2794


Please state the vehicle's registration number in the payment title and deliver the confirmation of the transaction.

Parking Division is concerned with:

- control of issued parking fees in the Paid Parking Zone,

- supervision and maintenance of the payment devices in the Paid Parking Zone,

- issuing of notifications about additional fees in case of lack of parking fee payment,,

- collection of additional fees,

- paid subscription issuing,

- giving information about the Paid Parking Zone.


Parking Places: Paid Parking Zone (Strefa Płatnego Parkowania) in Sopot

I. Functioning of the zone.

Payment for vehicle parking in the paid parking zone:

- year-round zone (subzones A, B, C, D, F, G), Monday - Saturday, 10 AM-8 PM;

- seasonal zone (subzone E) from 15 April to 15 October, 24/7 (during the events at the Forest Opera).

Parking on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays is free of charge.

Parking places in Sopot



Call number

Max. place:


Passenger 5zł/h, 60zł/ day

coaches 15zł/h, 180zł/ day


Powstańców Warszawy 12

(next to Grand Hotelu)

+48666 014 771

Passenger/ coaches 4zł/h, 50zł/ day

Max. height vehicle 1,95m (affect underground park)

ok. 200

Powstańców Warszawy 19

+48 58 771-77-91

Passenger 4zł/h, 50/ day

Bus/van/ commercial vehicles

5zł/h, 50zł/ day

Commercial vehicles 6zł/h, 60 zł/ day

goods vehicles /coaches 15zł/h, 100zł/ day


Ogrodowa 6a

+48 784 263 681

Passenger 4zł/h, 30zł/ day

Coaches/buses/ commercial vehicles 10/h, 90/ day



34 Bitwy pod Płowcami st.

Wjazd od Karlikowskiej

+48 601 171 304

Passenger 4zł/h, 40/ day

Buses/goods vehicles 5zł/h, 50zł/ day

Motorbikes/bikes 3zł/h, 20 zł/ day


8/10 Drzymały st.


Only passenger 3zł/h, 16zł/ day


8 Cieszyńskiego st.

+48 58 550 69 65

Passenger 3zł/h , 10/ day

goods vehicles /coaches 5/h, 25/ day

Buses 5zł/h, 15zł/ day



1 Polna st.

+48 58 555-08-85

Passenger 2zł/h, 20 zł/ day

Coaches / commercial vehicles 6zł/h, 55zł/ day


11 Reja st.

+48 58 555 03 82

Parking opens all day

Passenger 3zł/h, 40zł/ day

Bus/van 3zł/h, 40zł/ day

Commercial vehicles 5zł/h, 50zł/ day

Bike 2 zł day

Goods vehicles, bus 10zł/h, 100zł/ day

Trailer 4zł/h, 40zł/ day



12a Kościuszki st.

+48 514 294 034

Not guarded parking Sopot:

1. Parking next to Grodzisko

2. Parking end of Powstańców Warszawy street

3. Parking next to Stadion Leśny

4. Parking next to Łysa Góra

5. Parking next to hotel Opera

6. Haffnera street, next to Grodzisko - place for coaches

Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni

Wydział Parkowania, nr tel. +48 58 550 59 55

7 Dworcowa st.


First hour- free

sec hour - 3 zł

thrd hour - 3 zł

·every next hour - 3 zł

Day – 50 zł

Lost ticket – 50 zł

+48 500 118 136

Plac Dwóch Miast


(next to Ergo Arena)



Eco-car to the center 3 zł