''Leśnik'' sanatorium and spa provides assistance in dealing with locomotor, respiratory and circulatory system diseases. The offer is complemented by magnificent treatments and rehabilitation offered by the Voivodeshhip Rheumatology Centre (Wojewódzki Zespół Reumatologiczny) where you can use a brine pool. Brine inhalations are recommended in cases of chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis, chronic inflammation of the nose, throat, larynx and paranasal sinuses, bronchial asthma, conditions after the respiratory tract surgeries as well as in cases of some thyroid illnesses.


LEŚNIK sanatorium


Attractively located (by the Pier) medical rehabilitation place offers rehabilitation for both children and adults. Patients may take bromine-iodine, oxygen and herbal baths, use a criogenic chamber, infrared sauna or an ultrasound treatment.



Voivodeship Rheumatology Centre (Wojewódzki Zespół Reumatologiczny)


''Kamienny Potok'' sanatorium is also known for its wide range of therapies (e.g. ultrasound treatment, conventional and oscillating massage, hydromassage, pearl baths, light therapy, magnetic field therapy, peloid wraps and cryotherapy).





''Perła'' sanatorium, located in Kamienny Potok, is concerned mainly with different disorder treatment.



PERŁA sanatorium , ul.Bitwy pod Płowcami 62, tel. +48 58 555 19 39

Ministry of Interior and Administration's ''Helios'' sanatorium is recommended for treatment of neurosis, respiratory tract, locomotory system and heart conditions.


HELIOS sanatorium