Sopot Tourism Organisation is an organisation with its core aim in cooperation between territorial government and local tourism industry in the promotion of tourism of the City of Sopot and metropolitan area Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.


Sopot Tourist Organisation was created on 6th of January 1997. However, actions leading to the creation of this organisation were set in motion in 1995. As it is said in the statute, the main goal is (and was) promotion of Sopot as a health resort, as well as a place attractive for tourists. On 17th of September 2003, STS became a Local Tourism Organisation, under the name of Sopot Tourist Association, giving municipality of Sopot a possibility to join as a member of the association.

From 26.11.2018, the organization is named Sopot Tourist Organisation.


On a basis of  Art. 4.3. of The Act on Polish Tourism Organisation (with later amendments), as well as of Polish Tourist Organisation requirements and the premises of creating a three-stage system of tourism promotion in Poland (in progress since year 2000), the local tourism organisations' main tasks are:


- integration of the local community, mainly local self-government and tourist industry,


- creation of the tourist product (creation, progress and advertising) within the local tourist attractions area),


- acquisition and actualisation of information concerning tourist attractions and products,


- maintenance and management of local tourist information points.



Currently, this non-governmental organisation consists of 90 members – not only individuals but mainly Sopot hotels, boarding houses, guest rooms, public utility facilities, travel agencies and restaurants. STS membership allows additional advertisement of its activities during tourism trade fairs, both in Poland and abroad.


The Local Tourism Organisation maintains a Tourist Information point at Plac Zdrojowy 2, near the entrance to the Sopot Pier, and it's open all year round. The point is open for business since 2010. Apart from the information point, there is also a drinking water place as well as a vantage point.


Since 2005, STS governs an Accomodation Office which serves as an intermediary in renting of self-contained apartments, suites for tourism purposes. Also, STS has got a Tourist Cafe, with frequent Guests not only from among tourists but also the residents of local sanatoriums.




President: Anna Golec - Mastroianni


Vicepresident: Katarzyna Choczaj



Audit Committee:

Committee Member: Anna Orska-Majewicz


Committee Member: Anna Oworuszko - Cichowska


Committee Member: Piotr Darda



STS Council:

Chairman: Marcin Kulwas


Council Member: Magdalena Sekuła


Council Member: Magdalena Rdzanek


Council Member: Katarzyna Permoda


Council Member: Kaja Koczurowska - Wawrzkiewicz


Council Member: Beata Majka



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